• A Redneck in Ecuador

    This area is for links to places of interest I have visited in Cuenca.It contains links to the best restaurants, best stores for clothes, the best super markets for food, the best department store, etc ...It will be developed as my journey gets longer.

    This is the home page of Jerry Lowery a redneck born in Mississippi but who has spent all of his adult life in Mobile Alabama. He has recently moved to Ecuador where he plans to travel extensively through Ecuador and other South American Countries. This is a chronicle of those travels.

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    Today we go to the oriente town of Pablo Sexto (Pablo VI). It is located in Morona Santiago Providence in the south west corner of Ecuador.It is the home town of the Gonzalez Family, many of them who are my neighbours, friends, and supporters in Cuenca. It is the most friendlest town I have ever been into in all my life.